German M42 Helmet

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis is an original M42 helmet with a completely spurious paint job. Someone has tried to make it into a HJ helmet, hence the diamond decal. I have no idea where they got the colour paint from. Ha! Aside from that it’s a lovely helmet in an extremely small size, in fact it seems a child’s sizing.

rsz_hjhelmet1 rsz_hjhelmet2 rsz_hjhelmet3


One Response to “German M42 Helmet”

  1. jim long Says:

    why…ohhhh why do they do this. don’t they understand what they are doing to history and a real object of history that is beautiful just for what it is originally. dealing in fakes requires a lack of soul sdldom encountered whose tiny claim to honesty flew off at the earliest convenience like a covey. but…. but thes monsters, those who ruin a historical object of art to disguise it as something else to cheat some innocent , well meaning collector out of a few lousy bucks (I know of a “helmet specialist” in n.c.) I can only anguish…..where are the vigilantes when you really need them??

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