A Birchall Sapper in World War One

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis group is for Sapper Thomas Birchall of the Royal Engineers. The medals are impressed to 125581 Spr T.Birchall R.E. Thomas was from Wigan and was a shoe and boot repairer before the war.

rsz_2tbirchall125581 ThomasBirchallAttestationtbirchall


2 Responses to “A Birchall Sapper in World War One”

  1. Andrew Birchall Says:


    This was my Great Grandad. What were the medals awarded for? Do you have any information on where he served? Or any advice on researching his time in service?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Andrew. We must be distant relatives! Welcome! Okay, there are two medals here, this means your GGD must have enlisted or been conscripted after 1915. There are two accessible methods to research him. You can look him up on the British Archives at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/looking-for-person/britisharmysoldierafter1913.htm or you can try Ancestry.co.uk, I find Ancestry has a better range of documentation, including attestation papers. The British Archives have much less online, usually just his medal entitlement card. What you will discover is the sub unit he was enrolled in. This will enable you to research the campaigns they were in and learn more about him.

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