Afrika Korps Ärmelstreifen

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis arm band, was issued to all members of Panzer-Armee Afrika or the ‘Afrika-Korps’. This makes it a unit entitlement rather than a campaign distinction like the “Afrika” ärmelstreifen I have listed below somewhere. It was work on the right sleeve rather than the left sleeve like the campaign ones.

rsz_dakcuff1 rsz_dakcuff2 rsz_dakcuff3


2 Responses to “Afrika Korps Ärmelstreifen”

  1. DUDE, I recently acquired an afrikakorps cuffband,my 1st c.b. if I do not count the hj level 2 which I acquired 20 – + yrs ago. this from john kreuger/military warehouse,w/his statement of auth.and 2 “expert” backup statements. my point -I’m getting to it lol- I also bought a book ” Nazi militaria-real or fake” by ray cowdery. dude, I swear,when I laid that book down I almost burst into tears. my broken heart confident that there could not possibly be an authentic piece in my – v e r y – modest collection (lol,but not much). it got my attn. to the extent that I think I will slow down(thought I always had been) ,really.i’m not a purist,in fact I’ve been told I was in fact not a collector but an accumulator lol.fine w/me.but I hate repros,those who make and/or deal in them should go to jail. I have no room for them , no use of any are the only one I know who has a legit use for them that’s why I send you mine. I recently asked permission to send you an f.m. ss supporter pin(a beaut,button hole equipped) to either authenticate or put in you educational line up. let me know your decision. thanx dude
    jim usmc ret

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