A Birchall Killed In The 1918 German Spring Offensive

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomThis is a late Great War pair to 202339, Frederick C. Birchall of 6th Battalion, The Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment. Frederick was killed on the 30th of March 1918, during Germany’s last throw Spring Offensive. He is buried at Doullens Communal Cemetery, Extension #1.
rsz_birchallfc2 rsz_birchallfc1



3 Responses to “A Birchall Killed In The 1918 German Spring Offensive”

  1. I assume you’ve seen his MIC with the addresses of his mother and sister in Bournemouth? I’ve never seen these sort of comments on a MIC before. It appears the service medals were returned and re-issued under a different roll number. It’s a bit strange when both recipients lived at the same address.


    • No, I just received these and haven’t had a chance to draw his card yet. There’s a story there for sure. It’s been a great month for finding Birchalls.

      • I think the MIC is subject to copyright. It appears the medals were initially sent to Mrs M Birchall (Mother) of 73 Edgehill Rd, Bournemouth. The medals were returned under Kings Reg. 1745 and then re-issued on 2/8/1923 to his sister, E. Upshall (21) of her Mum’s address. It may be that Fredks. mum had died and they waited until his sister was 21. Either way, they’re in a good place now!

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