Souval German Coastal Artillery War Badge

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgThis badge, manufactured by Rudolf Souval, is the War Badge for land based artillery and anti-aircraft belonging to the Kriegsmarine (Kriegsabzeichen für Marineartillerie). Of course being manufactured by Souval, it’s just as likely to have been made yesterday, but in this case it is “consistent” with wartime manufacture. Meh.

rsz_coastal1 rsz_coastal2


One Response to “Souval German Coastal Artillery War Badge”

  1. dunno if this is universal post war r.s. but a dead giveaway on post war bdgs is the pin keeper/hook. you are past dangerous water when this piece consists of a metal plate –round usually– with a strip down the center cut and peeled back and then re-curved to accept the pin. I was even able to see one,so disappointing

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