Queen Victoria Boer War Tin

Flag_of_the_United_KingdomIn December 1899 these tins were sent to every serving soldier in South Africa as a New Years present from Queen Victoria. They contained chocolate originally and, although rare, you can still find them intact and complete. This one came to me with the pay book and medals of a soldier who served in the Boer War.



2 Responses to “Queen Victoria Boer War Tin”

  1. Brian Stephenson Says:

    How much are these tins worth,i also have the queen victoria medal with the orange free state,cape colony bars. and the edwardvs VII rex imperator medal. can you help me with a value? thanks.

    • It really depends Brian. If the tin is in good condition without its contents then perhaps $125USD. With its contents intact then around 2-3 times as much. With the medals, again, it depends. Are they a pair named to the same individual? The bars you mention are not uncommon so it comes down to who they are named to. If the unit is rare or the owner is well known then the value escalates quickly. Garden variety maybe $300USD.

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