A 2nd New Zealand Division Veteran Group


This group is an unnamed rack belonging to a veteran of the 2nd New Zealand Division in Italy who later served in the Occupation Force in Japan between 1946 and 1949. It consists of the 1939-1945 Star, the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the 1939-1945 Victory Medal, the New Zealand 1939-1945 War Medal, the New Zealand 1946-1949 Occupation Service Medal and the LSGC Medal for the Legion of Frontiersmen. These medals belonged to James Stuart Farquharson, Private, 624746, NZ 2nd Division. James somehow managed to get to Italy in time for the surrender, then got sent to the Pacific in time for the surrender there. Lucky bugger!

The Legion of Frontiersmen Medal is an unofficial non-sanctioned medal so really it should not be included with the others in this rack and I can only assume that the veteran placed it here so he would have a little more tin swinging on Anzac Day parades.



7 Responses to “A 2nd New Zealand Division Veteran Group”

  1. The Legion of Frontiersmens long service medal may be in the same catagory in society as the St John long service medal, but members still have to do the ten years plus to be even eligible for the award. I am guessing that he added this to his group so that he would be correctly dressed for a Legion parade, which is held at each of their annual conferences even today

  2. Good point Mike. It’s not like this is one of those private purchase faux medals, he’s still had to do his service for it. I am just reading from the regulations for medal wear and they state that non-military medals may not be worn mounted like this, but mounted and pinned seperately.

  3. Understand that these medals are not at all in the ‘official’ rules. If you have a look at the list of awards that are NOT in the rules it is quite striking – Legion of Frontiersmen, United Fire Brigade’s Association, St John Ambulance, Order of St Lazarus are those that come to mind right now to name a few. Within those organisations their awards are VERY important to the recipient.
    I have seen reference to the Year of the Volunteer medal which was awarded by the UFBA, and Fire Service, as yet another of these tin medals, but they were awarded at the behest of the UFBA in 2001 and then they followed this up with the IYV+10 awards. Still no recognition from the Govt.
    The Govt have taken complete control over the left side of the uniform. There should be a new catagory in the Order of Wear for “Honourable Institutions” just ahead of foreign awards and decorations but after the NZ Defence Service Medal

  4. How can I ping you

  5. randy Lamden Says:

    I am just wondering about the king george medals from NZ. are they made with Silver and what percentage or are they CuNickel. would anyone have an answer, my grandpa left them to me and just trying to figure out there worth.

    • Randy. the medal is worth more intact than they are as melt metal. Are you talking about the NZ War Service medal? if so, it’s worth about 80USD. Cheers, Geof

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