Panzer Faust Klein Round

Flag_of_the_NSDAP_(1920–1945).svgHere is my latest import, a Panzerfaust Klein round in terrific condition (too terrific, see below). The tube intended to fire this can be seen here. The tube was intended to be fired once and then discarded although at times they were collected and sent back to the factory to be recharged. This is not a rocket launcher, it is a recoilless gun. The projectile is thrust out of the tube using a gunpowder charge and only had a range of about 30m. It didn’t have the punch to destroy heavier armour and was later replaced by the Panzerfaust 30, Panzerfaust 60, Panzerfaust 100 and Panzerschreck.

Upon exploring further it appears that I have added to my reproduction collection inadvertently.  This is why I hate Jerry stuff. This one is indeed a repro that has been fiddled with in order to deceive. The originals were never painted on the shaft behind the charge container.



2 Responses to “Panzer Faust Klein Round”

  1. anyone dealing in fakes ,I’m sure you agree,deserve public whippings,anyone mfging fakes deserves a five yr. prison term,1st offense. fakers never cease to amaze me.i had n o idea it went this far….to fake large munitions like this.i would think among collectors it would have a limited following.let me say again that I appreciate your educational services in this matter, jim long usmc ret.

    • Hi Jim. Yes it surprises me also that they would bother faking these. I know there’s a market for reenactors but surely that’s fairly limited. I bought this sight unseen through a good source but he got burned by the pimper who then disappeared. Bit of a shit really.

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