Kenya Campaign Medal 1963-1967

800px-Flag_of_KenyaThis medal is on the internet described as the Kenyan Campaign Medal 1963-1967. This is getting to be a pain in the ass as I have been hunting the Kenya Independence Medal and this was sold to me as that, sight unseen. Meh.





6 Responses to “Kenya Campaign Medal 1963-1967”

  1. I think you will find this is the Kenya Campaign Medal 1963-1967. The Medal was instituted in December 1963 and awarded to Kenyan and seconded British personnel for 30 days’ active service in operations against the Somali Shifta in north-east Kenya between 12 December 1963 and 30 November 1967. The medal is rare. I have one here awarded to my father

    • Yes, I believe you are right. The Kenyan independence era and Mau-Mau is interesting to me so I don’t feel that badly about it. I just wish I could find that Independence Medal :)

      • I am not aware of a Kenya Independence Medal, both father and I were in Kenya for Independence. I Government service, KBC and father services. Suspect he would have got one even if I as civil service did not. Could be wrong :-)

      • Well I would take your word over anyone else in that case! The Medal Society lists one, amongst the 20 or so that the other ex-colonies issued. But I have never seen one in my googling so it may simply be ethereal. Thanks for releasing me from this gordian knot.

      • Geoff, you got me climbing the stairs, two flights, :-) to get father’s medals. The box says “Campain Medal (North East Kenya)”. The front of the medal is Jomo Kenyatta, Round the top is ” H.E. MZEE JOMO KENYATTA” round the bottom two lines ” First President of the Republic of Kenya”

        The reverse bottom has what could be Mount Kenya above which is a lion rampant carrying a spear vertically in the right forepaw.

        Ribbon in the box is yellow back ground, black edges and green centre stripe all narrow.

        This one has no even been taken out of its cellophane.

        Hope that helps

  2. You are correct. Good one, I am pleased to have it identified. Thanks lots and sorry about the stairs. You should mount them and put them up in your hallway!

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