Nambu Type-14 Magazines

Flag_of_Japan.svgI understand, from my friend Andrew, that importing is a slippery slope. If so, I just fell down it. I have a Japanese Nambu Type-14 pistol coming from the States and while I wait I have been gathering the bits and pieces to put together a full kit.

In this case we have two magazines made by the Toriimatsu arsenal. I also found 44 rounds of wartime ammo, no headstamp which I am told is correct.


One Response to “Nambu Type-14 Magazines”

  1. jim long Says:

    nice work, best work is 4 rds of the nambu ammo. me too,never saw a H.S. on any of this interest in Nippon is the martial arts and militaty nambus and swords,except I have two bayos one was re-done to fit the garands we armed the Koreans with.i have several swords and a beautiful m 14 w/leather holster and cleaning rod. I have a boxed “china incident” medal mostly cause the Japanese world shattering use of the connected understatement/euphemism…ism. najing datasha ! !. oh dude,i learned something big. the colt/s&w rev.called the 1917 new ser. are not new service.colt started the “new service” in 1898 I have one in .45 lc …4.5 in bbl . I’m on to another 5″ in .455 w/brit marks. the colt has “new service” on the left side of bbl. far as I know the revs known as the 1917 (smith or colt) do not.
    regards, jim

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